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What is a Coach?

Understanding the what is involved in becoming a coach and the many niche categories of coaching there are to specialize in.

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Considerations for choosing a speaker for your next event and planning for future success.

The New Normal

Why the speaking and coaching industries have changed and won’t be going back anytime soon….and don’t really need to.

Group Coaching or Individual Coaching?

The key difference between group coaching and individual coaching is the number of people. In group coaching you typically have a small group of individuals working toward a common goal or are addressing a specific issue they share. Often people will choose individual coaching because they want the more personal focus on their needs. Whichever model you choose, subjects are decided beforehand and they serve as a roadmap for everyone involved.

Mastermind for Speakers & Coaches

Join a curated small group of professional speakers and coaches for a 6-month journey to grow your business, increase your revenue, and having a memorable impact on your audience. Surround yourself with other professionals in your field to help continue in your rise to the top.

What is The Process Like?

It’s easy to sign up to become a speaker or coach at the international Network of Speakers and Coaches. Fill out the form and information for your personal and customizable profile and you’re on your way to gaining the visibility you need to grow your speaking or coaching career!

1. As a Speaker or Coach, may I work with more than one network or bureau?

As long as you do not have an exclusive contract with an agency or bureau, you are free to do business with anyone you wish. As a member of the International Network of Speakers & Coaches, you are free to join other non-exclusive networks and bureaus as well.

2. What is the difference between a speakers bureau and an agency?

 A speakers bureau typically books speakers that are available to work with any bureau. An agency, often, only books those speakers that are exclusively contracted with that agency. As a Network of Coaches and Speakers, we are here to promote your work, display your experience and elevate your profile. We do not book your events, all speaking and coaching opportunities will come directly to you.

3. How much should a speaker charge for their presentations?

Honorariums are impacted by both the experience of the speaker and the budget of the hiring organization. If you’re just starting out, your time and expertise is worth something so you shouldn’t do too many for free unless you’re utilizing platforms to promote your brand. industry thought leaders will always be able to charge more than those who may not have been published or known entities yet. The bottom line is, your rates will range from free to thousands as you’re just beginning. A known expert in their field, a nationally known thought leader, will earn upwards of $5000 and beyond per event.

4. I am a coach and a speaker. Can I be listed as both in the network?

Yes, If you are both a speaker and a coach, we want you to maximize your visibility as much as possible. You can select coach, speaker, or both when filling out your member profile.

5. How does the Network promote its speakers and coaches?

With dynamic SEO strategy, LinkedIn and Facebook promotion, as well as organic promotion in social media, we are making sure the international community is aware of our Network. It doesn’t stop at social media. We are working with our business partners around the globe to create more visibility for you.

About Me

Sarah Flashing is a business leadership coach and creative whose passion is to see businesses & organizations thrive in the new normal. She started the International Network of Speakers and Coaches to elevate the incredible talent she has encountered throughout her professional career. Sarah believes that what’s been considered normal for so long has flipped and the landscape for professional speaking and coaching has broadened, creating greater opportunity in the digital landscape.

As a successful business owner with experience in both the boardroom and classroom, Sarah helps leaders identify gaps in their business and marketing plans and implement innovative solutions.

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