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How do I hire an INSC speaker?

As a network of speakers, INSC makes it possible for you to connect directly with the speakers listed throughout our website. Our goal is to provide a platform where each speaker and coach can promote their brand and their talent and we list them according to their areas of experience and expertise.

Are INSC coaches certified?

The coaches listed on INSC represent a diversity of expertise, training and experience. Because there is no single organization that governs coaching certification, we have provided this platform so that each coach can promote their own talent and certification.

How can I be part of your network?

If you are an experienced speaker or coach, we want to help you by providing an additional platform to promote your work. While most speakers and coaches have their own websites, people often want to scope out their opportunities in a single location. To join the network, click Member Benefits to see what we offer and register from there. 

How are speaking and coaching fees determined?

Whether you are searching for a speaker or coach, fees are determined by the professional and based on their experience. INSC plays no role in determining fees. FYI, fees will vary from free (for some speakers) to hourly rates (generally for coaches) to honorariums ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, are speakers and coaches willing to use online video platforms?

Times certainly have changed. Not only are so many of our speakers and coaches willing to utilize modern platforms for online presentations, we have entered a new normal and find digital presenters are an efficient means for delivering content. While we all are eager for in-person conferences and coaching sessions again, it’s exciting to know that we can bring global talent to local events with greater ease and flexibility.

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