Coronavirus has certain made a huge impact on work and family worldwide in 2020. Due to the seriousness of the contagion, we’ve all had to pull together to figure out how to continue doing what we do. We’ve been blessed by and benefited from our frontline, essential workers worldwide from health care professionals to pharmacists and grocery store staff. We now live in a world where convenience store cashiers are heroes. We are all thankful.

The hope of everyone worldwide is that we conquer the impact of this virus sooner than later and get on with our lives. But what’s probably happened is we’ve discovered, even when its safe to go back into the office full time, there are still many who can successfully work remotely. Many will continue to wear masks. Handshaking may be less of a thing in some cultures, or at least less than it was previous to Covid-19 disrupting our 2020.

But we’ve adapted and speakers and coaches have found other ways to continue working and delivering their messages and expert insights. Platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting have made it possible for people to attend conferences and seminars online. Coaching appointments may have become even more convenient as fewer meetings need to happen in person….and yet you can still have that cup of coffee together…online.

Much of what has changed may remain as we (hopefully) move beyond coronavirus in the months to come. We have figured things out and have realized some of these changes that have been made are actually convenient options. Yes, I look forward to the conferences and retreats in my future, where I can share a meal and an insight with a likeminded professional. Or where I can speak at a seminar and really see and hear the reactions from my listeners who find inspiration in what I’m sharing. I do want it all back as you do as well. But our world has expanded with greater opportunity and, I believe, the world of public speaking and coaching has not collapsed but has expanded significantly creative a great deal of business growth and potential for all who have chosen these paths for their career journey.